Hi, I am

Wilfredo Paiz

Software Developer

Results-driven, enthusiastic and hard working Software Developer, with experience developing, testing and improving software.

Quickly Learning

Mastering new technologies

I'm an expert applying programming skills to solve complex challenges. I enjoy to continually improve how existing software works. On a personal level, I have a strong experience developing user interfaces with the latest JavaScript frameworks and creating RESTful APIs, I also like to constantly learn new technologies.

Personal Info

Born at 3/September/1998 (24 years old).
Remote Worker
Passionate for learning new things.
Self-taught professional



01Front-End Development

JavaScript is my main technology, I have 4 years of experience delivering engaging user experiences through efficient website development.

Very passionate about aesthetics and UI design.

02Back-End Development

Experienced in creating APIs with different technologies. Passionate and hardworking for developing customized interfaces that factor in unique demands for accesibility, reachability and security.

03DevOps Culture

As a self-taught person, I have been learning about DevOps Culture through my career to understand how reliability works in an IT environment.

04Computer Science Principles

I have a solid base in CS Fundamentals, such as Algorithms and Data Structures (Standard Containers, Binary Trees, Sorting, Graphs, Hashed Data Structures, etc...), OS Concepts (Process Management, Threads and Concurrency, Sockets, I/O Management, File Systems, etc...)




Main: JavaScript (ES6+), React, Vue

Also experienced in: Angular


Main: Node with MongoDB, Laravel with MySQL

Also experienced in: C# (WebForms, MVC)


Linux (Ubuntu), Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Nginx, Git (GitFlow and Trunk Base), Digital Ocean, AWS.


Language Skills

01Spanish 🇪🇸


02English 🇺🇸

Level 4 - Full Professional Proficiency

03French 🇫🇷

A2 - élémentaire avancé

Yes. I've been around.


Call me, maybe.